4 Hacks to Improve Your Recruiting Cold Calls

Hiring the right employees is the key to a successful business. One of the ways of finding deserving employees is through cold calling. Most recruiters avoid cold calling because it can get awkward, unpleasant, and it is time consuming as well since the candidates might not even be interested.

Despite all that, cold calling is a great way to hire because it can yield immediate results. All you have to do is pick the best resumes from job portals and past contacts and give them a call rather than going through hundreds of candidates.

Here are four hacks that will improve your cold call recruiting game:

1. Engage with the candidate
You might be tired from calling 20 different potential candidates, but you have to sound exciting every single time you call one. If you sound mundane and monotonous, the candidate will most definitely not bother about what you have to say. They might feel that you are not interested in the call and will reciprocate in the same manner. Start by asking if it is a good time to talk and get to know the candidate by genuinely showing interest.

2. Sell your company
Before telling the potential candidate about the job profile, describe what your company does. Keep it crisp and long enough to get the candidate excited. To let the candidate know that your company is a happy and productive place to work at, is a good place to start the conversation. Explain them the job profile in depth and tell why they should join the company. Many recruiters hire top management employees with this hack and it works every time.

3. Call back the candidate
Call the candidate a couple of days after the first call. Even if the candidate mentioned that they aren’t interested in the first call, give him some time to think about it. They might agree to come for an interview after the second call. Whether they ace the interview or not, you will still get a candidate on your shortlist who you can contact for a different job profile.

4. Ask for a referral
Go on social media and check for people who might be perfect for the job opening. Your friend list may have people who are qualified for the job. You can also ask your employees if there’s someone they know who can fill in the position. When you cold call someone with a mutual contact, it becomes easier to strike up conversation.

You will have to develop your own ways to excel in cold calling recruitment. It will be a struggle initially and very stressful too, but if you continue with the efforts, it will give great results.

You can also record the calls for training purposes and use it for your research too. It will help you find the places in which you need to improve.


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