5 Dehumanizing Recruiting Practices to Avoid

After going through hundreds of cover letters and resumes, it can be difficult recruiters to be attentive at all times. You may become impersonal, irritated, and even slightly rude to the candidates. All this doesn’t just reflect bad on you but on your company as well. In the worst case scenario, it can lead to you not finding the perfect candidate for the job.

If you want to become a good recruiter, you have to stop doing these five dehumanizing recruiting practices:

1. Making candidates do unpaid work
Testing a person’s abilities is a common practice for companies since it helps them understand a candidate’s skills. But the test is taken so that you can take notes and forward them to the top management. If you already have some work that needs to be done in the organization, you cannot get it done for free by asking shortlisted candidates to do it. Essentially, you will be making candidates do unpaid work, which is unethical and not good for your company’s image as well.

2. Taking too many interviews for one job opening
An interview is the last step of hiring a candidate and it should be used to find the perfect match for the job opening. Always stick to the golden rule of only interviewing people who are the right match. It takes a lot for every candidate to prepare for an interview. Consider their time and efforts too and streamline the process. Not to mention, with lesser candidates, you will be able to give more time to interview each candidate.

3. Not giving feedback
Instead of mailing candidates that if they don’t hear from you in two weeks, consider that their application was unsuccessful, spare two minutes for each candidate to let them know about your decision. You should also provide them feedback about why they weren’t picked or if there is anything they can improve. They will truly appreciate your efforts.

4. Negotiate salary but maintain industry standards
Money is one of the most important aspects of the recruiting process. If you are interviewing a candidate with experience, never go below his previous salary. You can counter-offer the payment and fix a salary. Candidates take low balling as an insult and a gesture of lack of appreciation. Also, while discussing the salary, talk about commission and bonuses, to make the candidate feel appreciated.

5. Silent treatment
Never give any candidate the silent treatment. If the candidate mails you asking about the interview and if they were selected, while you are still in the interview process, reply politely. Tell them that the process is still on and you will inform them about the final decision soon. Don’t take too long in finalizing the right fit for the position because good candidates never stay available for too long.

You are the face of your company. Treat every candidate like a human and with kindness. Just like you judge him, he is also judging you. And if the impression isn’t good enough, deserving candidates might not come your way and you will end up losing more than gaining.


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