The Benefits and Limitations of a Dedicated Recruitment Team

It is not always possible for a human resource department to handle recruitments for top management positions. A recruitment team is the only solution to it as they consist of highly-skilled and experienced recruiters. All you have to do is tell them about the qualifications and professional requirements you are looking for the job opening, and the team takes it forward for them. However, it isn’t as easy as it looks because the recruitment team might not understand your business goals, which your HR department does.

So here are three benefits and limitations of hiring a dedicated recruitment team:

1. Recruiters have technical knowledge
An in-house HR department might not always have the technical knowledge to select candidates for a particular job opening. A recruitment team specializes in hiring people, so they know what to expect from a candidate and can judge their abilities based on their qualification and experience.

Recruitment teams know in and out of the market including salaries, skill-set needed for a job, what a prospective employee expects, and the current market situation.

2. Extended reach
There are some jobs which are so rare that finding candidates for them is very difficult. This happens mostly with top management jobs. The candidate isn’t actively looking for a job, but your recruitment team can reach out to them and ask if interested. These teams have a database of individuals, which makes it easier to find candidates passively.

Also, they have a wider network and reach than HR departments, which makes finding an ideal candidate easier.

3. Cost efficient
Most of the start-ups are self-funded, which means they don’t have enough capital to have their own HR department. Recruiting is a very important aspect of an HR department, but that also involves hiring staff on a full-time basis. Start-ups don’t recruit as regularly as enterprises do.

So, instead of investing in an entire department, start-ups can hire recruitment teams that work on project-basis, which is a huge cost saver.

1. Process consumes a lot of time
Recruitment is a lengthy process, and the recruitment agency might take a lot of time to find the correct candidates. A recruitment team isn’t helpful when you want a candidate to fill a vacant position immediately.

2. Communication gap
The only way to communicate with the recruitment team is via emails or telephones. There can be times where the team doesn’t properly understand what the company wants and finds a wrong candidate.

On the other hand, the company’s HR department is always there, so they can proactively search according to the company’s need. They understand the business model in a better way as well.

3. Not practical for temporary hires
Hiring a recruitment team for finding candidates for project work isn’t ideal since the person is only going to work for a limited time. So, you will only have to bear the load of finding employees on a temporary basis.

In such circumstances, the cost of operation goes higher than the benefits the company gets on by making the hire.


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