Common Myths About Offshore Recruitment Services

Most business organizations all over the world have started working alongside professional offshore recruitment services to manage their fluctuating recruiting needs.

With an increase in offshore RPO (Resource Process Outsourcing) firms, organizations are now more aware of the benefits that these RPOs bring to the table. However, there are still certain myths about such firms which can sometimes confuse many. Here are the top five myths about offshore recruitment services.

1.  The coordination problem
When business organizations are in the process of considering offshore RPOs, they are often worried about how they would coordinate with these firms. They assume that different time zones and different working hours could lead to a communication problem and only make the work more complicated.

Firstly, to make sure they are always on the same page as their clients, RPOs always have some members working during the client’s time zone. Secondly, when you have an RPO working tirelessly on a different time zone as you, they will be working even when your offices have been closed down. So, you could send them a hiring request right before leaving office, and they could have possible candidates by the time you come back to the office, the next day.

2.  Effects on local jobs
Another widely believed myth is that working with an RPO will sum up to snatching away job opportunities from local talent. But, that’s not the whole truth. Most RPOs have virtual recruiters that work remotely from all around the world, and they are especially skilled to hire candidates for different technologies. Even if you end up working with a recruiter in your area, they may not have the skills you need. That is why hiring an RPO firm.

3.  Only for big companies
Many people assume that RPOs only service to the big corporations, but the truth is RPOs can be just as useful for medium to small firms. RPOs can be especially helpful for startups and small businesses that are trying to grow their teams, but they don’t even have their HR department in place yet.

With RPOs by their side, small business entrepreneurs can focus on running their businesses and get the best talent for their company.

4.  Quality won’t meet expected standards
While it may be a common myth that you might not get expected quality, it couldn’t be far from the truth. RPOs with years of experience deliver nothing less than the best and promised results. RPO firms always ensure that your business gets only the best pool of talent so that your hiring requirements can be fulfilled.

5.  Deadlines won’t be respected
The virtual recruiters at RPO firms are experienced professionals who know their roles and responsibilities well enough. They understand your requirements and priorities and make recruiting strategies accordingly. So, you can expect all your requirements to be fulfilled before the stated deadlines. These are the most common myths about an offshore team of recruiters and their services, but as stated they are just myths.


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