Global Staffing Trends- 2017

This is one among the findings out of LinkedIn’s recently released 2017 Global Staffing developments report.

Highlights of  the survey  included within 2,000 manager-level and above, search and staffing recruitment professionals in 35 countries — include:

The good news is the fact that 68% of staffing firms assume their firms to develop compared to 2016, also say they plan to hire greater recruiters (56 percent), source’s (32 percent), branding specialists (28%), and coordinators (17%). Additionally, 7-9 % hope to observe an increase in the quantity of candidates placed in 2017.

Most firms spot candidates in under two months. 39 percent record it normally takes them less than 1 month, and 44% state it requires them 1-2 months, and 14% report taking 3-4 weeks to position candidates.

Half of these budgets move to traditional resources (such as project boards/advertising and recruiting tools), but if given unlimited funding staffing firms would prioritize business growth (49 percent), branding (34 percent), and also investing in much better sourcing tools (34%).
Building your brand-new

82 percent of staffing leaders agree totally that investing in their new brand creates new business, however only 10% of their budget belongs to this particular

Firms quantify their brand name by: traffic to the career website (45 percent); answer to emails/In Mails (43%); social media engagement (35%); quantity of social media followers (27%); and poll statistics about potential candidates’ perceptions (21%).

Staffing Front runners believe that the top Developments which will form the recruiting industry in the next few years will be the Following: using social and professional networks to Create new business (55 percent); recruiting more diverse candidates (30%)and innovative interviewing tools (29 percent); candidate relationship management tools (29%); and also using big data (28 percent)

LinkedIn makes a few recommendations to assist counter some of these claimed troubles, such as the suggestion that firms consider tools and initiatives that bring scale to their groups and also allow for the automation of time-consuming tasks.

Additionally, we will be able to assist you to address a number of one other challenges staffing pioneers state that they encounter, including: championing diversity, building your brand, developing a strong candidate pipeline, also improving recruiting efficiencies, while providing your clients with the data-driven insights that they will need to produce far more informed hiring decisions.


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