Recruiting Trends Completely Transforming Talent Acquisition

Contrary to popular beliefs, recruitment and talent acquisition are not interchangeable words. Recruitment focuses on filling the current vacant openings while talent acquisition is a long-term planning and ongoing process which involves finding and hiring future workforce for your business.

As the HR industry grows leaps and bounds, there are new hiring trends getting introduced almost every year. If you miss out on these ever evolving trends then chances are you will lose out on hiring the correct workforce too. Here we have listed a few trends which you can keep in mind to devise a better strategy for hiring talent.

1.  Look over the qualifications
Most of the time while finding suitable candidates for the organization, hiring managers only consider the candidates’ qualifications and past experience. But now this trend has been changing rapidly. Hiring managers are looking above the resumes to get to know the candidates better.

They want to find out whether the selected candidates would fit in with their company environment. If a qualified candidate is found unfit for the company culture then there would be zero benefit in hiring them. A company benefits the most when it works as a team, so this trend of hiring the culturally fit candidates is here to stay for long.

2.  Improvement in candidate experience
If the hiring process becomes lengthy, it can disinterest the candidates. Their common complaints include not being informed about the status of the their applications. But with today’s smart world, organizations have understood the importance of being in touch with candidates regularly to update them about developments.

This constant connect builds a good impression in candidates’ minds and their overall experience with your organization becomes more pleasant. To provide such an experience, hiring managers prefer to stay in touch with candidates through various social media channels, messenger apps, and calls which has greatly changed the recruitment dynamics.

3.  Inclusion of remote and contractual working
Over the past few years, the number of people wanting to work remotely has increased considerably. It’s because of the commute problems and the desire to maintain a work-life balance. Many organizations’ talent acquisition teams have started embracing this trend and offer remote working as a perk to their current as well as potential workforce.

Not only remote working, getting freelancers and contractual manpower on-board is also gaining popularity. Working from the comfort of home or any other desirable place gives a sense of freedom which ultimately results in increased productivity.

4.  Improvement in organization branding
As the world has become smaller with technology, candidates often try to gather as much information about your organization as they can. If they don’t find good reviews for your company on Glassdoor or not enough online presence, then their interesting in joining your company may face.

That is where a good branding strategy can help. It contributes in attracting the right talents to your organization who can become your future workforce. An improved branding also includes effective online presence and genuine reviews of your current employees as such things act as insights on your organization so investing in them is always beneficial.

If you strategize your talent acquisition accurately stressing on these trends, it will be immensely helpful for your organization in the long run.


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